Business and Management

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Course Length
4 hours

ORA Prep


Course Synopsis

Are you interested in a career in business and management, and keen to know more about what it takes to be a businessman or businesswoman in the 21st century? Perhaps you want to work for a major company, one of the 'big four', or are looking to start your own entrepreneurial business? Or are you looking to undertake further studies of business and management as an academic discipline at university and beyond? If any of these questions applies to you, then this course is the ideal starting point to your studies and career in business, offering a mix of practical advice and academic theory that offers a firm foundation from which to undertake further research.

The course begins by looking at the fundamental elements that govern all sustainable businesses – the need to reach the 'break even' point and to generate profit – before moving on to consider different types of business structure. Tutorial 2 takes these principles further, exploring the concept of the 'global village' and how businesses have been affected by – and affect – the world in which we now live, and questioning what businesses must do in order to survive in this competitive, global environment. Tutorial 3 turns to management theory, outlining and scrutinising the views of major management theorists from the 1850s to the present day, and exploring whether or not these are still relevant to the modern business environment. And tutorial 4 offers more practical advice for those thinking of undertaking studies or careers in business at a higher level.

What's Included?

This courses consists of 4 X interactive lectures - audio recordings with accompanying presentation material - each taking approximately 1 hour to complete. Our unique, on-demand, interactive delivery system means that students are able to start instantly and work through material at their own pace. The interactive format ensures that the learning process is engaging and enjoyable, with regular quizzes and exams to enable students to check that they are following the topics covered. This courses is available to start instantly online – once you've chosen the course you want to take, you can get started straight away.

How Does it Work?

The course is broken down into tutorials, which is an interactive presentation accompanied by an audio lecture that takes around 1 hour to complete. Each tutorial is broken down into its major topics, chapters, which are navigated via tabs at the top of the screen. This ensures that course content is broken down into bitesized educational units that are easy to digest, and also means that content is easily navigable at the pace of the student.

Why Take this Course?

This course is ideal preparation for students thinking of studying business, management, economics, and related subjects at university, exploring a range of academic theory and practical methods.


  • To understand the key goals a business must achieve to survive
  • To be aware of the varied structures and forms businesses can take
  • To explore management theory both past and present


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate ORA Prep Certificate

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Tutorial 1: Sustainable Business Practice
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Tutorial 1 Exam
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Early Bird Questionnaire
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Tutorial 2: Globalisation
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Tutorial 2 Exam
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Tutorial 3: Management Theory
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Tutorial 3 Exam
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Tutorial 4: The Future of Business & Management
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Tutorial 4 Exam
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Final Exam
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End of Course Questionnaire
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Added about 1 month ago, by Anonymous
Very useful
Added about 1 month ago, by Katie
Added about 1 month ago, by ABDESSALAM
Added about 2 months ago, by Anonymous
Added about 2 months ago, by Anonymous
pretty underwhleming
Added 3 months ago, by Anonymous
Added 3 months ago, by Anonymous
Thank you! Very comprehensive and useful course for a beginner level.
Added 4 months ago, by Konstantin
The course is a lot of fun, I took a while for this course, but I now have a lot of notes that I can and will use in my studies, thank you!
Added 9 months ago, by Anonymous
Great course.
Added 9 months ago, by Anonymous
This course was a very great course that helped me understand the aspects of business and management and helped me realize that management is something I am passionate about and want to pursue. It was a great way for me to finally discover what the major is about. I now fully understand the study and work flow in a business environment.

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